About Malta

Malta is a perfect tourist destination for many reasons. It is one of the most historic and culturally rich countries in Europe. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa, Maltese archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Visiting Malta, one will come across various historical sites and cultural gems every step of the way – some of which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage (the Megalithic Temples are the oldest structures on earth pre-dating Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids).

Being an ex-British colony, Malta’s second official language is English, which makes it a desirable destination for students coming all over the world.

Besides being an English-speaking country, Malta is attractive for its warm climate and year-round pleasant weather, stunning deep blue and turquoise waters, sandy and rocky beaches. Explore all the beaches in Maltese archipelago following this link.

Visit Malta’s capital city of Valletta (which is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018), St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the Three Cities, Popeye Village, the silent city of Mdina, the Rabat Catacombs, discover the ancient temples, historical forts, small, picturesque towns and villages with cosy cafes, gelaterias and shops. Take part in a hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tours, shore excursions, harbour cruises, visiting picturesque bays and lagoons of Gozo and Comino or visit Sicily with a ferry. And these are only few of a variety of attractions that Malta offers to its tourists.

Malta is also popular for its vibrant nightlife, most of which is concentrated in the small area of St. Julian’s, Paceville – destination bursting with bars, clubs and lounges for any kind of preferences. Interested in the events nearby? Stay updated by visiting this link and learn about the upcoming entertainments, parties and concerts.

Image: www.viewingmalta.com

Malta is a fantastic choice for those seeking new gastronomical experiences. Mediterranean-, specifically Italian-inspired Maltese cuisine is full of flavours and textures, reflecting its rich history. Depending on the season, the main local wineries organise guided tours and tastings. If you are sea-food lover it is highly recommended to visit the fisherman’s village, Marsaxlokk in the southern coast. Beside traditional Maltese, the visitors can also enjoy a variety of other cuisines: Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish and many more.

Malta’s strong tourism infrastructure has enabled the mean of public transport, so it is quite convenient to discover the island using the bus. Click here to navigate and learn about the roots and offers of Malta Public Transport.